HOW WE STARTED - WHO WE ARE - WHAT WE DO. The Filipino Children's Fund (FCF) was incorporated in the United States as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-sectarian, charitable foundation in 1986 by Filipino Americans and others concerned about the future of the children of the Philippines, the majority of whom now as then live under a veil of persistent and abject poverty.

PURPOSE. The mission of the FCF today remains essentially unchanged. We are dedicated solely to providing funds and other material support to recognized organizations in the Philippines specifically to conduct self-help, livelihood projects that will improve the lives of impoverished children and families.

RECOGNITION. In recognition of the FCF's mission and accomplishments, the Government of the Philippines awarded the FCF that nation's prestigious Linkapil Award for outstanding service to Filipinos. We of the FCF are proud to have received the Linkapil Award and pledge to continue working to uphold the spirit and purpose of that high honor and to maintain the trust that the people of the Philippines have placed in us.

LEADERSHIP.   The FCF is staffed by an unsalaried executive director and an uncompensated representative in the Philippines. The organization is guided by a voluntary board of directors comprised principally of Filipino Americans having strong family and cultural ties to the Philippines and broad, collective exposure to all regions of the country. Collectively this small, dedicated group continues to carry out the mission of the FCF by raising resources and distributing financial and material support to livelihood projects in the Philippines.
PROJECTS.   All of the projects supported by the FCF are conducted on the underlying principle of self-help and at a level which will directly benefit indigent children and families. These projects range from grassroots community vegetable gardens, animal raising and job training programs to small business initiatives and family housing construction.
FUNDING.  The FCF provides project support only to non-profit and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the Philippines. In considering project support, the FCF consults directly with its representative in the Philippines and, as necessary, with any government or private experts in the field to evaluate grant proposals. Wherever possible, the FCF directs its support to projects in which the labor of the poor will result in local reinvestment and further project growth or new self-help initiatives in the community.  No grants are provided for administrative operating or salary costs.
NATIONAL SCOPE.  The FCF supports projects in all regions of Luzonthe Visayas and Mindanao and, unlike many other Philippine-American benevolent organizations, maintains no special interests or ties to any particular province, institution, group or agency in the Philippines or the United States.

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