There are many ways you can help us 
SEND A DONATION.  Send a monetary gift to the FCF by printing and mailing the Friends of FCF Commitment Form with your donation.

SUPPORT THE FCF BENEFIT CONCERT . You can delight to Handog ng Puso, a limited edition CD of classical and Filipino music performed at a benefit concert specifically for the FCF Review the artists and the musical program of Handog ng Puso and obtain your copy of the benefit concert CD.

PURCHASE FILIPINO APPAREL.  Purchase a handsome barong or other fashionable Filipino apparel for men and women. The FCF is a beneficiary affiliate of MyBarong, a distributor of high quality, custom tailored barongs. For every order made to MyBarong in the name of the FCF, we receive a valuable ten percent commission. So, when you need a barong, a dress or other Filipino style apparel or accessories, visit, and please be certain to use the FCF coupon code number AFL1032 when you place your order.

DONATE USED CLOTHING, EYEGLASSES OR EQUIPMENT.  Balikbayan boxes (packages of useful goods sent to the Philippines, usually by overseas Filipinos) have been an on-going project. Over the years the FCF has collected and shipped donated computers, sewing machines, dictionaries, encyclopedias, textbooks, and learning aids to regional education supervisors and others in the Philippines for distribution to schools and programs in poor districts. The FCF has also collected and shipped used clothing and used prescription eyeglasses and eyeglass frames for distribution to needy people.

Please contact the FCF for more information on how to donate new or nearly new items.
Virtually 100 percent of all tax-deductible gifts to the FCF is used wholly to support self-help, livelihood projects in the Philippines. 

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